Versatile Pallet-Handling Conveyor Systems

VersaMove workpiece pallet-handling conveyors are configured to meet your unique needs.
Our conveyor types include: accumulating conveyors, indexing conveyors, recirculating conveyors, and over-under conveyors. From small pallets to heavy-duty pallets and everything in between—our conveyors and pallet-handling modules are sure to meet the demands of modern manufacturers and system integrators




Minimize Lead Times With CAD360!

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CAD360! allows you to effortlessly model and download not only the simplest of conveyors, but also entire conveyor systems as featured in our VersaMove line. Simply input the desired values for length, width and height. Select drive location and which options you would like and the model is generated right before you. 

  • Download 3D, 2D and image files

  • Develop a conveyor to meet your specific needs

  • Request a quote and discuss any custom needs

Save Energy and Create a Safer Conveyor Line with VersaMove-E

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VersaMove-E from mk North America is a complete line of electric modules for pallet-handling systems. Typically, the modules—stops, locates, lifts, transfers, and rotates—are pneumatic devices. Pneumatic devices use a high amount of energy, are full of inefficiencies, are noisy and can cause health issues for the workers around them. 

But all of these problems can be eliminated with VersaMove-E.

  • Reduce noise

  • Provide a safer work environment

  • Immediate feedback means less downtime and greater output

mk VersaMove Features