Our Versatile Pallet Conveyors Are Made to Serve a Variety of Applications

Our automated workpiece pallet conveyors are configured to meet your unique needs. Accumulating conveyors, recirculating conveyors, over and under conveyors—if you’re in need of a reliable pallet-handling system, you can count on us to craft it to your exact specifications. What’s more, our pallet conveyors can handle loads up to 800lbs. From small pallets to heavy-duty pallets and everything in between—our conveyors are sure to meet the demands of modern manufacturers and suppliers.





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Minimize Lead Time With CAD360!

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CAD360! allows you to effortlessly model and download not only the simplest of conveyors, but also entire conveyor systems as featured in our VersaMove line. Simply input the desired values for length, width and height. Select drive location and which options you would like and the model is generated right before you. 

  • Download 3D, 2D and image files

  • Develop a conveyor to meet your specific needs

  • Request a quote and discuss any custom needs

mk VersaMove Features

Belt Options

Flat Top Chain, Timing Belt and Accumulating Roller Chain are included in our versatile belting options. We are confident we can help find the solution perfect for you.

System Modules

Offered within the three VersaMove platforms are innovative modules that will compliment your pallet conveyor system. Modules include pallet stops, positioning modules, and vertical transfer units, both single and dual right angle lift and transfers, and more! Each module is an integral piece of the VersaMove system.


Utilizing a footprint that best fits your needs, these standard configurations can be combined and configured to maximize your production and workflow. mk offers six standard configurations including In-Line, Carousel, Serpentine, Over/Under, Parallel and Rectangular.

mk VersaMove Difference


The modular design of VersaMove ensures fast, transparent planning and project development. VersaMove can be flexibly expanded and excellently adapted to your specific requirements.


When developing the system, particular attention was paid to compatibility to systems already available on the market. And that means, for example, pallets of other manufacturers can also be used on the VersaMove Standard and Plus. This enables existing systems to be easily expanded with VersaMove.


Versa stands for Versatility. VersaMove can be used in virtually all areas of automation and material flow. Whether it’s individual modules or turnkey solutions – with VersaMove we offer complete all around service, including control, commissioning and maintenance.