Accumulating Roller Chain Styles

Accumulating roller chain conveyors are the ideal conveyor platform for accumulating and storing pallets. This is due to the type of chain used in these conveyors (see image below). Conveyors, such as the SRF-P 2045 and SRF-P 2010, which are designed using this chain, accumulate pallets with little-to-no backpressure.  This chain and its inherent features also make it easy to singulate pallets. Additionally, this type of chain does not cause wear on the pallets.

Graphic showing accumulating roller chain options

This chain is available in a variety of different styles. It can have a single row of free rollers (down the center of the chain – see left side of above image) or it can have rollers that are staggered (as shown on the right side of the above image). The rollers are also available in steel or plastic.

Touch Safe Accumulating Roller Chain

In applications where there is a concern about small parts getting into the roller and thus into the conveyor frame, the chain is available as “touch safe”. As the name suggests this chain option is not only safer for use around human operators*, but it also eliminates the concern of small parts and/or hardware from falling into the gap between the rollers. Parts and hardware getting caught in the chain can cause conveyor damage or product jamming.

This “touch safe” chain is fitted with a protective tab between the accumulation rollers and covers the gap of the inner link area. This feature offers 100% protection, as it fully closes the gap between the rollers. This feature protects the chain from particles from falling into the gap, thus preventing jams. The unique design of this chain and it’s protective covers also ensures that the covers do not come loose or fall out during normal usage.

Touch safe accumulating roller chain

Image shown is of Iwis Elite chain.


Advantages of Accumulating Roller Chain Conveyors

Accumulating roller chain conveyors have many advantages. Accumulating roller chain conveyors fitted with touch safe chain have even more.

Some of the benefits of accumulating roller chain conveyors with touch safe chain:

  • Conveyor loads up to 2,000 lbs. per drive
  • Pallet load up to 250 lbs. per pallet
  • Little to no wear on pallets
  • Foreign objects cannot get caught in the chain, thus preventing jams
  • Safer work environment*

Accumulating Roller Chain Industries and Applications

Accumulating roller chain conveyors and pallet-handling conveyor system designed using them are typically used in these industries and applications:

  • Assembly
  • Appliance manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Inspection
  • Little to no backpressure applications
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Testing

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* Regardless of additional benefits of the touch safe chain, this conveyor is still a chain conveyor and all operators should be fully trained on the inherent dangers of automated machinery