VersaMove is the perfect solution for all your assembly conveyor needs. VersaMove pallet-handling conveyors systems compliment and complete modern assembly line automation. This is due in part to the general nature of workpiece pallet-handling conveyor systems, but also in part due to the unique nature of design and build associated with mk’s VersaMove line.

Assembly Conveyors

Assembly conveyors can be pallet-handling conveyor systems. In fact, using pallet-handling conveyors for your assembly operations can help optimize your processes. They achieve this by continuously moving “materials from point to point, handling every item in the same fashion with no variance. Production inefficiencies and wasteful delays are eliminated by streamlining and standardizing the movement of material. A consistent material handling routine ultimately reduces work in process and allows greater throughput”.

mk’s whitepaper on Optimizing Your Manufacturing – Assembly Operation Utilizing Pallet-Handling Conveyor Systems goes into details on the following:

  • Two Types of Conveyor Systems
  • The Advantages of Today’s Modular Pallet Conveyors
  • The Various Pallet Conveyor Modules
  • Different Types of Configurations
  • And the Benefits of Utilizing Pallet-Handling Conveyors.


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mk’s VersaMove Line and Assembly Conveyors

mk’s VersaMove conveyor systems are the perfect match for assembly operations due to their versatility, modular approach, and flexible options. VersaMove conveyors can easily be adapted to preform multiple functions, as well as reconfigured to meet changing needs and demands. This is due in large part of the modular design and construction of the various VersaMove conveyors. Like all mk conveyors, VersaMove conveyors, are constructed out of mk’s t-slot aluminum extrusion. Each conveyor has several t-slots in which accessories or complete assemblies can be mounted to. These items can be as small as a sensor, or as large as a guard, table, or catch pan. The options are only limited to what is needed for the application.

VersaMove conveyors can be configured using timing belts, accumulating roller chain or flat top chain. And the options do not end there. For example – the customer can choose a drive location that works best with their needs.

mk’s application engineers will work with you to ensure the assembly conveyors, the layout, and all the modules selected provide the best possible conveyor system solution for your application.


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