No two conveyor applications are the same. Different products and processes require different conveyors. Various factory configurations require different layouts. Output demands, cycle times and so much more can affect the conveyor system layout.

Thankfully, there is a wide array of modules, pneumatic and electric, that can really bring a pallet-handling conveyor system to life and provide that necessary application customization; allowing it to meet the many demands of today’s manufacturing environment.

But what about the times, something different or custom is required?

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Custom Pallet-Handling Conveyor Modules

When something different or custom is required, mk North America, is the pallet-handling conveyor manufacturer of choice. mk’s team of mechanical design engineers and sales engineers know how to think outside of the box. They can look at what mk offers as a standard and reinvent it to solve specific application requirements.

Vertical Transfer Units

Vertical transfer units (VTUs) can be reconfigured from the standard one-pallet design to accommodate multiple pallets. Those multiple pallets can be in side-by-side, front to back or even stacked on top of each other. The options are nearly limitless. VTUs can also be re-engineered to elevate product to multiple levels, skip levels or even discharge the pallet at an orientation different from how it was presented. Read our article on Vertical Transfer Units to learn more.

Transfer Conveyors

Transfer conveyors are used to move the pallet between conveyors all set at the same elevation. Pallets can be transferred at a right angle or in parallel or conveyed 90° or 180° around a corner. But these transfers do not need to be limited in scope. Depending on the application they can be designed to transfer multiple products at once. Or they can be designed to transfer AND ROTATE the pallet, combining what would normally be two separate modules into one.

Locate and Rotate Modules

And speaking of rotating modules, these modules as well as pallet locating modules can also be customized. Rotating modules can be designed to be hand operated or to indexed to a specific degree (such at 47° for instance, versus the standard 90°).  Locating modules can be designed to locate a pallet within a specific non-standard tolerance. Additionally, they can be outfitted with custom locating pins.

VersaMove from mk North America

When you need a customized pallet-handling conveyor, you need VersaMove from mk North America. mk’s knowledgeable team will first ensure that no standard solution will fit the bill, before embarking on developing a custom solution.  Then they will then draw upon the standard modules to develop something custom. This not only saves times, but also money. And if something truly one-of-a-kind is required then that is what is designed and delivered. mk builds and tests all conveyors and modules prior to shipping – this ensures that your solution – custom or standard – will perform exactly as it is intended to do. Contact mk’s VersaMove team, using the form below, to get started on your next pallet-handling conveyor system.

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