Conveyor systems are often one of the last pieces of equipment considered when developing a new factory automation line. If the conveyor is simply move product from point A to point B, this may not be an issue. But when workpiece pallet-handling conveyors are used; they are used for much more than linear product movement. These conveyors are responsible for stopping, locating, rotating, accumulating and singulating product. They interact with various other pieces of equipment as well as human operators. They can involve dozens of conveyors and hundreds of modules, sensors and devices. The layouts using these conveyors can be complex and involve multiple main conveyor lines, transfer lines and trunks.

It’s no wonder when designing these conveyor systems multiple redesigns and reiterations are often necessary.

With mk‘s CAD360! you can save time when it comes to laying out your pallet-handling conveyor system.

Online Conveyor System CAD Models

CAD360! not only offers an unmatched variety of stand-alone conveyors, but it also offers several predesigned pallet-handling conveyor configurations. These predesigned configurations are the perfect launching point for laying out your conveyor system.

CAD360! is an online design tool and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. There is no software to install and registration is not required. From a single screen you can change the length of the conveyors, pallet width and system height. Additional conveyors, stops, locating elements and rotates are easy to add with the drag and drop feature. Previous CAD experience is not required with this easy to use tool.

When you’re done with your layout choose the file type you would like to export. STEP, IGES and DWF are just some of the many file types available to download.

Need to add in additional modules to the layout or conveyor you’ve previously downloaded? Not a problem. Individual elements such as stops, transfers and locates can be downloaded and then added.

If you are ready to start looking at the costs associated with your layout, CAD360! offers that function as well. Simply click on the icon to request a quote or email your download to mk North America for review.

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