Traditional pallet-handling conveyor systems rely heavily on pneumatics.

Industrial pneumatic systems are plagued with inefficiencies and draw on resources.

But there is an environmentally sound alternative.

That alternative is all-electrical devices.

By replacing the pneumatic devices within a pallet-handling system – stops, locating units and transfers – with their electric counterparts you can eliminate the inefficiencies within the conveyor system. Creating a greener footprint, and a more sustainable manufacturing solution.

Did you know with compressed air, which is what pneumatics in a system operate using, 90% of the energy created is lost to heat? And that only 50% of the air generated is actually used during production? This is according to voluntary industry organization The Compressed Air Challenge.

All electric pallet-handling systems, such as VersaMove-E, can provide all of the industrial material handling benefits on an all electrical basis.

Do you need more reasons to switch to an all electric pallet-handling conveyor system?

  • All electric systems require less components, reducing spare parts stock
  • Less components also means there are less places to check when troubleshooting
  • All electrical devices provide immediate feedback to the system controls serving both diagnostic and maintenance purposes
  • Conveyor systems that do not use pneumatic devices are quieter, making for a safer working environment
  • Electric actuators provide the highest level of accuracy in the industry

The factory of the future is a green factory.

Contact mk North America today to get started on your next all electric pallet-handling conveyor system, a greener conveyor solution for your factory.

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