Pallet-handling conveyor systems can help optimize manufacturing, testing and assembly lines. These conveyor systems are responsible for feeding a human and robotic processes, delivering product at specified intervals, they rotate and position product, as well as accumulate and store product.

With so much riding on pallet-handling conveyor systems it is critical to keep them up and running.

This is where maintenance and stocking of spare parts comes in. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance is key, as well as keeping the spare parts on hand that are required to perform such maintenance.

While not all components need attention on a frequent basis it is important to keep spare parts for even these items. Additionally, one should also consider keeping on hand various size hardware that is compatible with the conveyor system. This includes items such as bushings for the pallet and locating pins. While items like these do not normally wear out; in the event something unforeseen does happen having them on-hand can save a lot of time and money.

Pallet-handling systems require controls, and these controls require programming. Having a back-up copy of the programming, as well as the software required to run the controls is another must.

When you work with a pallet-handling conveyor manufacturer, you are working with a company that will support you for the entire life of the conveyor system. VersaMove conveyor systems are supplied with a list of recommended spare parts; allowing you, the customer, to prepare ahead of time. mk’s application engineers can let you know which parts are the most critical to keep on hand – such as the ones with the longest lead times – and they can advise on which parts can be shipped the same day from mk’s factory. Knowing this type of information allows for the curation of spare part inventory in a manner that best suits your unique needs.

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