The term “pallet conveyor” can be a little ambiguous. Without using the phrase in context it means different things to different people.

Defining Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors can be defined in one of two ways.

  • A conveyor used for moving wooden or plastic “shipping pallets”
  • A conveyor used for handing “workpiece pallets” within an industrial automation setting

Shipping Pallet Conveyors

Shipping pallet conveyors are designed to convey extreme loads – pallets up 1,500 kgs with the conveyors capable of handling upwards of five pallets at a time (7,500 kgs). These conveyors are designed to work with the common geometry found in wooden skids, Euro-pallets, and mass produced rackable or nestable plastic pallets. These conveyors are also designed to interact with other warehouse, packaging and shipping pieces of equipment – such as pallet stackers, pallet wrappers and forklift trucks.

Workpiece Pallet Conveyors

Workpiece pallet conveyors are designed for use in manufacturing, assembly and assembly in a wide variety of industries. The workpiece is specific to the product being conveyed; although there are standard sizes and types of pallets used in these systems. These pallets are designed to carry extremely light loads to loads of several hundred kilograms; each – far less than their counterparts discussed above. Additionally these pallets include fixtures to holding the product being conveyed in position, as well featuring a variety of different accessories. These accessories include bushing to mate with locating devices on the conveyor line, RFID tags for tracking the pallet, and other customizations.

Workpiece pallet conveyors provide a uniform surface for conveying parts that might otherwise be extremely difficult to handle due to irregular surface areas or inconsistent rigidity.

Workpiece pallet conveyors also allow for streamlined integration with various processes in the setting, allowing humans and robots to work in a complementive fashion.

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