Below are several examples of possible pallet-handling system configurations. All of these configurations can be modified to fit specific needs; and custom system configurations are never a problem.


Ideal when floor space is limited; pallet returns over or under the main-line


Ideal for operators on both sides of the line; compact and space saving design


Ideal in systems that have a more complex process yet require flexibility


Simple set-up in which product is moved in a straight line


Maintains leading edge of pallet, does not require transfers (Standard Series Only)


Ideal for moving around fixed obstructions (Standard Series Only)

In-LineVersaMove, VersaMove Plus and VersaMove Ultra

Over/Under: VersaMove, VersaMove Plus and VersaMove Ultra

Carousel: VersaMove

Serpentine: VersaMove

Parallel: VersaMove, VersaMove Plus and VersaMove Ultra

Rectangular: VersaMove, VersaMove Plus, VersaMove Ultra

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