Electric Pallet-Handling Conveyor Systems

Pallet-handling conveyor systems can optimize manufacturing processes. But pallet-handling conveyors can also be plagued with inefficiencies; due in large part to their reliance on pneumatic devices which allow for pallets to be located, rotated and transferred. You can read more about these inefficiencies in this article from Motion Control Tips. But there is a solution – electric pallet-handling conveyor systems.

VersaMove-E pallet stop


VersaMove-E is an electric pallet-handling system.

VersaMove-E is a complete line from mk North America and part of the VersaMove product family. It provides an all electrical solution for pallet-handling conveyor systems.

But there is more.

VersaMove-E also reduces the number of individual components on a system AND provides a wide range of advantages in the control system.

  • Electrical  actuators provide the highest degree of precision control for positioning in the industry
  • Electrical devices, such as actuators, also provide direct feedback to the main control panel
    • This direct feedback provides both diagnostic and maintenance purposes
    • This also means less downtime and required personnel


Still need more reasons to consider VersaMove-E?

VersaMove-E systems are quieter than their traditional pneumatic counterparts. This has a number of added benefits, top of which is employee health and safety.

VersaMove-E Components

VersaMove-E vertical transfer unit (VTU)

Vertical transfer unit for moving pallets between levels on a VersaMove pallet handling conveyor.

  • Pallet Stops
  • Locating Modules
  • Lift & Rotate Modules
  • Pallet Transfers – Right Angle
  • Vertical Transfer Units

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