System Modules are what turn an ordinary conveyor into a pallet-handling system. These modules consist of four basic elements: Transfers, Positioning & Orientation, Stopping and Pallets.

  • Transfers are used to move the Pallet between the various conveyors, whether the transfer is vertical or horizontal.
  • Positioning & Orientation Modules are mounted between the lanes of the conveyors and engage with various features within the pallet. The Positioning & Orientation Modules allow for pallets to be precisely located; as well as rotated, in order for external processes to best interact with the product.
  • Stopping Modules are essentially the traffic control devices of a pallet-handling system. Stops are required prior to the pallet interacting with all other Modules. Additionally stops can be used to stage and singulate pallets.
  • Pallets are the platform in which parts or product are moved around the pallet-handling conveyor system. Pallets contain features which allow them to engage with all of the other System Modules; additionally they have features which allows for your tooling or product to be secured and conveyed.

VersaMove Plus System Modules come in a wide variety of styles; and allow for pallets up to 250 lbs. and 1,040 x 1,040 mm to be easily and effectively handled.

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