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The VersaMove Standard is designed to handle pallets weighing no more than 80 lbs. and up to 400×400 mm; but it is by no means a light duty pallet-handling system.

The SRF-P 2045 accumulating chain conveyor is designed to handle and hold or accumulate a great number of pallets. Whereas the ZRF-P 2045 timing belt conveyor can handle some accumulation, it is more ideal in applications that require indexing or product staging. The FPF-P 2045 is a flat top chain conveyor that is capable of curve conveyors; this allows the pallet to maintain leading edge without additional devices.

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flat top chain conveyor

FPF-P 2045

Flat Top Chain Conveyor

  • Side-flexing snap top chain

  • Minor accumulation is possible

  • For oval and serpentine configurations

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accumulating roller chain conveyor

SRF-P 2045

Accumulating Roller Chain Conveyor

  • Accumulating roller chain

  • Ideal for accumulation

  • Capable of lengths up to 20 meters

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timing belt conveyor

ZRF-P 2045

Timing Belt Conveyor

  • Timing belt conveyor

  • Well suited for light accumulation and product indexing

  • Best for use in applications where product placement is critical

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conveyor system module

System Modules

  • Pallet stops

  • Lift and locate devices

  • Rotating modules

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Ready to jump in and start laying out a VersaMove pallet conveyor system? Then mk’s CAD360! is just the tool for you – whether you are looking for a single conveyor, transfer elements, or a preconfigured system layout – we’ve got it all.

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