Conveyor System Modules

The VersaMove line by mk North America offers a wide variety of pallet transfer options. Below you will find details about some of our most common types of transfer. All transfers are compatible with the VersaMove Standard pallet-handling conveyor system line.

KER Curve transfer module example

KER Curve Transfer

These transfers are ideal when the leading edge of the pallet must be maintained, and floor space or application design does not allow for using a flat-top chain conveyor.

  • Available in 90° and 180° models

  • Available with dedicated motor, or salve driven off another conveyor in the line

  • Loads up to 26 lbs./pallet

  • Pallet must be square

  • Speeds up to 60 fpm

Lift and Transfer transfer module example

Lift and Transfer

These conventional transfer modules are designed to move pallet at a right angle; the leading edge of the pallet is not maintained. VersaMove Lift & Transfer units feature a conveyor mounted onto a guided pneumatic cylinder, which is mounted between the lanes of the conveyor.

  • Available in timing belt or driven roller conveyor platforms

  • Conveyors are bi-directional

  • Loads up to 80 lbs.

  • Speed up to 90 fpm

Vertical Transfer Unit example

Vertical Transfer Unit

Vertical transfer units are designed to move pallets between multiple conveyor levels.

  • Features a variety of conveyor types

  • Pneumatic, or electric, lifting and lowering, mechanisms

  • Vertical strokes up to 1,000 mm (pneumatic) or 4,000 mm (electric)

  • Loads up to 160 lbs.