The System Modules for the VersaMove Ultra pallet-handling systems are some of the most durable and rugged pallet handling devices on the market. These modules are capable to handling pallets up to 800 lbs. and 1,200 x 1,200 mm.

  • Transfer Modules move pallets between conveyors, around corners and to various elevations.
  • Positioning & Orientation Modules positively locate pallets for product processing; additionally these modules can rotate the pallet, allowing various sides of the product to be worked on in a single process.
  • Stopping Modules are required for use with all Transfer Modules and Positioning & Orientation Modules. They also allow pallets to be accumulated and singulated.
  • Pallets are the core element of pallet-handling conveyor systems and are the vehicles used for moving product between processes and conveyors. Pallets contain various features which interact with all of the other System Modules, and allow for product tooling to be mounted.

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