Conveyor System Modules

The VersaMove Ultra is mk’s most heavy-duty pallet-handling conveyor platform. The transfer modules in this class are designed to reflect the higher load capacities, and tougher work environments seen in these applications.

versamove ultra lift and transfer module

Lift and Transfer

VersaMove Lift & Transfer units feature a conveyor mounted onto a guided a series of heavy-duty pneumatic cylinder, which is then mounted between the lanes of the conveyor. These conventional transfer modules are designed to move pallets at a right angle; the leading edge of the pallet is not maintained.

  • Available in timing belt or driven roller conveyor platforms

  • Conveyors are bi-directional

  • Loads up to 800 lbs.

  • Speed up to 80 fpm

versamove ultra vertical transfer unit module

Vertical Transfer Unit

Vertical transfer units are designed to move pallets between multiple conveyor levels.

  • Features a variety of conveyor types

  • Pneumatic, or electric, lifting and lowering, mechanisms

  • Loads up to 800 lbs.

  • Able to stop at multiple elevations


Ready to jump in and start laying out a VersaMove pallet conveyor system? Then mk’s CAD360! is just the tool for you – whether you are looking for a single conveyor, transfer elements, or a preconfigured system layout – we’ve got it all.

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